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Joey Chestnut Hotdog Contest: Though Joey Chestnut found himself barred from the celebrated Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest on Coney Island this July 4th, his hotdog consumption remained undeterred.

This year, Chestnut showcased his voracious appetite in an exhibition at Fort Bliss Army base in El Paso, Texas, aiming to match the victor’s hotdog tally from Nathan’s contest, albeit within a condensed timeframe of five minutes instead of the usual ten.

Joey Chestnut Hotdog Contest
Everything to know about Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, including why Joey Chestnut isn’t participating | Fox News

Why Was Joey Chestnut Prohibited?

Chestnut, the illustrious Westfield resident renowned for his unparalleled feats in the realm of competitive eating, faced exclusion from this year’s Nathan’s contest due to an endorsement deal with Impossible Foods, a company that recently introduced a plant-based hotdog.

Nathan’s maintains a stringent policy prohibiting participants from endorsing rival brands if they wish to partake in their esteemed annual hotdog eating competition.

A Historical Dispute: Joey Chestnut’s Response

Previously: Joey Chestnut urged his fans to “stay hungry” following his exclusion from Nathan’s hotdog contest due to the endorsement conflict.

How Many Hotdogs Did Joey Chestnut Devour This Year?

At the Fort Bliss exhibition, Chestnut devoured 57 hotdogs in five minutes, just one shy of the 58 hotdogs consumed by Pat Bertoletti, this year’s Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest champion, within ten minutes.

Bertoletti clinched the mustard belt, symbolizing his triumph in the contest.

Chestnut’s Praise for Competitors

“Those guys did great!” Chestnut conveyed via text message to USA TODAY Sports. “A significant improvement from last year. I’m truly happy for Pat.”

What is Joey Chestnut’s Record?

Chestnut’s crowning achievement occurred in 2021, when he consumed a staggering 76 hotdogs and buns in ten minutes at Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest.

In 2023, Chestnut secured his 16th title by devouring 62 hotdogs, distinguishing himself as one of only four competitors to surpass the 50-hotdog mark.

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