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Please vote for Rocky and the general of the Italian Army in the All-Time Running Back poll if you came here to support Franco Harris or Robert Patrick Bleier. I’m glad you’re still with me. Your football sickos card is here; feel free to use it. We are casting our votes today for the unsung heroes who have played fullback in black and gold.

In the NFL, fullback is no longer a popular position. Over the years, the position has changed, and teams that still carry fullbacks do so mostly because of their blocking prowess. Because of this, some of the contenders for today’s awards will have extremely low stat counts, but other of the more experienced players saw far higher touch counts.

The Role of the Fullback in Football

Traditionally, fullbacks have been the hidden heroes of football; they are frequently in charge of covering the quarterback and blocking for the running back. Even though their efforts don’t always appear in the statistics, they have a definite influence on the game. Over time, the position has changed, and today’s fullbacks frequently handle more specialized responsibilities like blocking on certain plays or helping out on special teams.

Merril Hoge: The Versatile Contributor

Merril Hoge never won a championship with Pittsburgh, but he has a pretty good shot at winning this poll. He was a solid contributor on the ground and through the air, totaling 5,272 scrimmage yards and 34 touchdowns. Hoge played before my time, so truthfully, I know him more as a longtime analyst on ESPN. His time at the four-letter network gives him a level of national recognition that could carry him in this poll. And don’t get it twisted; our boy Merril could scoot back in the day.

Dan Kreider: The Underrated Blocker

Dan Kreider is the only one of our nominees to get a Super Bowl ring. Kreider came to Pittsburgh as a UDFA in 2000. He would touch the ball only 96 times in his eight years as a Steeler, but he made his money, paving the way for Jerome Bettis and Willie Parker. He would get my vote in this poll, as he and Roosevelt Nix — who unfortunately didn’t make this poll — are the two I remember watching the most. Kreider’s contributions truly were underrated.

Tim Lester and John L. Williams: The 90s Stalwarts

Neither Tim Lester nor John L. Williams racked up many stats that will wow you, but they were each members of good teams in the 90s. Williams made two conference championships and a Super Bowl appearance in his two seasons in Pittsburgh. Lester was on that Super Bowl team and was the Pittsburgh fullback for the first three years of The Bus.

John Henry Johnson: The Hall of Famer

But when it comes to the most decorated career, John Henry Johnson wins hands out. During his Hall of Fame career, Johnson made four Pro Bowls and won an NFL Championship while playing in a different period (1960–1965). Sincerely, if you have been around long enough to see Johnson perform, please leave a comment below. I’d be curious to learn more about a player who, I venture, not many current Steelers fans are familiar with.

The Evolution of the Fullback Position

Over the years, there have been considerable modifications to the fullback position. Like running backs now, fullbacks were frequently the main ball carriers in the early days of football. But when offensive tactics changed, the fullback’s duty switched to blocking and short-yardage scenarios. Because of this change, fewer clubs are using fullbacks in the NFL these days, preferring to utilize more flexible players who can play a variety of positions.

Notable Mentions: Other Steelers Fullbacks

Even though the primary candidates have already been covered, there are a few more fullbacks who should be mentioned because they have contributed significantly to the Steelers throughout the years. Roosevelt Nix was a fan favorite because of his perseverance and special team play, even though he wasn’t on the poll. During their time on the club, Frank Pollard and Chuck Sanders also left their mark, adding to the Steelers’ tradition of powerful, industrious fullbacks.

The Impact of Fullbacks on Team Success

A football team’s ability to succeed frequently depends on their fullback. A competent fullback can help on special teams, clear running lanes, and shield the quarterback. Even though their contributions aren’t always apparent in the box score, having them on the field is essential for a well-rounded and potent attack. Strong fullback play throughout the Steelers’ history attests to the position’s significance in winning for the club.

The Fan Vote: Making Your Voice Heard

It’s time to cast your vote now that you have a better understanding of the nominees and their accomplishments. Who is, in your opinion, the greatest fullback in Steelers history? Your vote will recognize the players who have had a major influence on the club and help create the definitive “All-Time Steelers roster.” Make sure to take part in the poll and give your opinion a voice.

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